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A few reasons which create cancer

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on March 22, 2015

Fellow energies, I am thankful to you all for helping me in my journey of spreading love and light in this universe. I am grateful to you all for sharing your mails, messages, quotation, experiences, queries and doubts. I know that I become silent at times, and write articles after long intervals, but there is a small reason behind it, and most of you know it well.

Since last November, I have been working on finding the root causes for the spread of cancer, which may help us in the cure. The findings are stated here, and I just hope that this article might help you too in your healing of cancer with ease, at an early stage. I am sorry to say that these measures will help more if we start the treatment before the Chemo therapy, since it is found that the ratio of energies killed by Chemo is far more than any other therapy used cancer patient (energy).

My findings are that, in most of the cases, Cancer starts with the mucus or pus cells. This is due to the cough, cold or any small injury in any body area. As we all must accept this small fact that if we find mucus lying on any floor, it is difficult to clean. We need to use a tissue, cloth and have to use aa lot of force. Therefore, when we get cough, we normally use some inhalers or allopathic medicines to dry our throat and nose, which is WRONG. This cough actually have to be blown out and we also must know that this cough is due to dehydration and lack of vitamin C in our body. If we start taking some more of water or fresh citrus fruits, fruit juices, this cough will completely melt away and will pass out thru stool (root chakra). We can also take some substitutes in case when we are unable to get fresh citrus fruits due to timings.

The medicines which dry the cough in our body, stays in our body, which gets activated on any further action of any acidic or cold intake. Similarly, when we get any internal physical injury, we are unable to see the wound or the healing condition, and can just feel it. This small wound might have secreted pus, which gets collected and has several blockages, which stop it in getting out of the body. This pus again can only get dissolved in alkaline blood, but if it is acidic, due to our diet plans, they get stuck and start destroying our own body.

These pus and mucus when stay for a long time in our body, start creating other deadly tissues and viruses, which start spreading. These tissues may take some time to grow in beginning, but once they start growing, they multiply at a stable speed, and since they are staying inside our body around mucus or pus, it gets difficult to take them out. These viruses are later termed by the medical practitioners as Cancer cells, which are cured by their Chemo sessions. In some countries, Cancer treatment is paid by Insurance agencies, or government, and people are without any other option, then to opt for it. Also, the name of Cancer is so much scary, that almost everyone start thinking of Chemo and start getting prepared for Chemo, without thinking of the after effects.

Chemo is like a laser gun, which just shoots anything which comes in its focus, damaging liver, kidney, heart or else. They kill all the tissues, virus, which might be good / bad for our body. However, if from the day we know about our blockages, we must start taking alkaline meals, more of citrus fruits, so as to flush away our pus or mucus, stuck in our body.

We must understand that anything natural, which alkaline is good for our body, as they flush out the pus and mucus stuck in our body. There is nothing else, which could get these stucked negative or bad energies from our body, except our own immune system. So now, my request to us all is to keep our immune system strong, avoid taking junk foods, alcohol, soft drinks, sodas and take only healthy meals, drinks etc. 

I am sure that if we keep our immune system strong, or improve it in case of need, we will be able to cure ourself or anyone even from cancer or any other deadly blockage.

Thanks once again.

Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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