Successful Reiki Healing for hair growth

Successful Reiki Healing for hair growth

Fellow Energies, we had asked you that we will be sharing our Reiki healing experiment for hair growth with you all. It is about less than a month, when we started working on it and we promised to share it with you after our success. It had been also a challenge for us since one of our friend also assured us to learn Reiki if we were able to prove it. He knew about Reiki and Reiki healings, but want some proof to see from his own eyes, and now we got it. I know it is funny and amusing for some, but it sure is a good work for us to show, since many men and women have hair problems.

We  were also able to make our rest hair stronger and healthier with the help of regular Reiki Healings. Now, we should start telling you the details of it, so that you all Reiki Masters are able to do it for yourself or your receivers. Just remember that it might take sometime for normal Reiki Masters, since it takes a lot of concentration and energy which may be easier for any Reiki Master.

Now I should also tell you that doing it with Reiki wand or Reiki pencil is much more better than with hands or else. I started doing it with hands, but than used our own created Reiki wand which worked and helped me getting it faster.

First of all, we did our Chakra meditation and concentrated on our Crown Chakra in the later part. Than we charged our both hands, Reiki crystal or wand with the Reiki Master symbol and Apta symbol We can also use our Reiki Tibetan or Indian Aum symbol for charging. Than we need to concentrate on our head’s bald area and rub it with the pointed side of Reiki wand. We can rub this pointed part in our whole head and feel the sensation and energy coming from wand to our head and hair.

We keep on feeling this energy flow and visualize our hair growth and our whole head in white light. This should be done for about 5-10 minutes every day. It is about 20 days for us doing this Reiki Healing for our hair loss and it was really a good news for us to see the change in mirror. This will also be helping in giving a boost in confidence in our receivers and student Reiki healers.

Thank you all for your kind comments and love.

Love and Light to you and yours


Vineet Jain

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