Reiki Healing done for cataract and some other healings

Namaste to all here.

Friends, I am here going to tell you about a few Reiki healings done by me and my fellow Reiki Grand Masters.

1. One of My friend’s wife had swollen eyes, and was told that her eyes have to be operated for cataract in a week’s time. She was really scared, as she was the only member in family doing home chaos. She was the home manager for the family, doing all cooking, cleaning etc. She have two college going kids and her husband have to go to office daily. They all were stressed for her health and worried a lot. I was asked to do Reiki, as they want to be relieved as fast as they can. I advised her to take rest of about 1 hour daily, with closed eyes at a particular time, so that I can send Reiki and heal. I also took permission for doing Psychic surgery on her eyes. After my 3rd day of healing and 2nd attempt of psychic surgery, her eyes were about 80% okay and even the doctor was confused. He said that the tests might have conducted wrong, and some other medication was needed. Now she is almost okay up to 90%. I am relaxed and happy too. God bless my friend’s family and all. I thank my Reiki teachers, all Gods and my fellow Reiki Grand Masters. I am also thankful for my friend, his wife for accepting Reiki energy flow by me.

Love and Light to all of you and yours.

Vineet Jain

Reiki Grand Master from Delhi, India

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